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A New and More Effective Approach To Mold Removal

Eliminate Black Mold Everywhere - Including Inside Your Walls


Take No Chances With Your Investment. Don't take a chance with traditional mold removal techniques that do their best to "herd" mold and other microorganisms through capturing and quarantining.  Instead fill the entire capacity of your building or home with Pure Maintenance Dry Fog, which will seek out and annihilate black mold, its spores and toxins everywhere in view, as well as all those places that are impossible to reach, such as your insulation, inside your walls, attic and any mold embedded into the porous surfaces of furniture, nooks and crannies of pipes, and virtually anywhere else.  Our dry fog particles are smaller than mold spores.  Unlike mists or cleaners and mechanical agitation, other solutions may never reach the mold they were intended to kill.  With our patented process and technology, you will enjoy peace my mind that no location was untreated.


See Loved Ones' and Your Health Improve. Guarnteed mold removalDead mold can still cause allergic reactions. Killing is not enough.  so, our solution denatures black mold and other dangerous molds and their toxins through a process called lysis. This denaturing means it no longer can have an impact on you, your pets and other occupants.  Effectively removing its health damaging attributes. You will experience an immediate improvement in your air quality and will begin to see the effects on health almost as quickly.  We guarantee your satisfaction or we will come back to fog again. Our 10,000 Satisfied Customers can testify to the results.


Be Green, Toxic-Free and Safe. You can rest assured that the formula we use, while lethal to single-cell organisms, is safe for you, your family, other occupants, and pets.  Within two hours of dry fogging, fog will have dissipated and you can re-enter and resume life as usual.  For your furniture and belongings, they too will be safe. No surfaces will be left with any sticky or visible residue.  They will be left in their original state but cleansed of living microscopic growth that may have built, even in small amounts over time.  For some, it is just as important that there is no adverse impact on the environment. With Pacific Pure Maintenance and Restoration you will be getting the greenest and most toxic free solution available in Maui.


Save Yourself Days Worth of Time and Hassle. We are a full-service mold remediation and water damage restoration company.  This means when necessary we will demo and reconstruct when water has caused damage beyond repair.  However, we look to minimize your costs and the time spent in your home, by eliminating any unnecessary demolition.  We can do this using dry fog, which will pass through your walls and eliminate the mold that would typically require demolition to reach. This can translate to days less time letting contractors in and out.  Dramatically reduce the inconvenience your black mold remediation project requires with Pacific Pure Maintenance and Restoration.


Unquestioned Efficacy. The Pure Maintenance solutions both kills and denatures black mold, mildews, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms. It achieves this through dwell times that last several hours.  LIke all chemicals designed to kill microorganisms, our solution could affect kill in much less time, however, in real-world situations we apply on-going kill and denaturing over a period of time that we don't think you will find anywhere else. The Army Corps of Engineers learned of our solution and were so intrigued that they ran their own study to determine the efficacy. You can read their findings by clicking the button below.


What would it cost to get your home in Wailea cleansed?  Or your business in Lahaina?  Click "Schedule an Appointment" to immediately schedule our calendar, and we will send a mold expert out to conduct a free initial assessment and quote.  If mold is obvious at your place in Kihei, HI or in Wailuku, call us right away and we can schedule a full dry fog home cleanse for you. Do you live in a humid area like Haiku, Kula, or Hana and are concerned about mold?  We do mold and moisture testing as well.  Feel free to schedule a call, fill out the form below, or text, or call us at  (801) 998-2970

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Not Sure If You Have a Mold Problem? Have a trained mold technician come out to conduct air sampling for mold and take moisture readings of your building.  We send all of our air collections to an independent lab that is  AIHA-LAP, LLC, NVLAP, and CA-ELAP certified. You will receive your results back within a few days and make an informed decision on your treatment process.  If you do decide to have us fog your home or building we will not charge for the pre-air testing.  We also do post-fogging air tests to verify the mold in your home has been removed.


Invite a mold expert to our home in Kihei, your daycare in Kahului, your resort location in Paia, or adventure location in Makawao. Get your no-obligation assessment and estimate and know what it would cost for a total cleanse or air test for your unique situation.

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    Get Rid of Mold Easily

    Make it easy on yourself.  Hiring Pacific Pure Maintenance and Restoration can mean a fraction of your time compared to other solutions.  Contact us to see if we can take care of you without demo.

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    Mold Remediation That's Affordble

    Traditionally you may have had to take apart a wall and put it back together in order to eliminate the majority of mold.  Now you can leave your walls, and eliminate even more mold.

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    Fast Mold Removal

    In as little as six hours from the arrival of our mold expert your business can be operational again. And for your family at home, if planned right, they may not even know we ever came.


    We are headquartered in Kahului and will service any home, business, school or other building, wherever you or one of your properities are found on Maui island.  From Hana to the east to Lahaina on the West.  From Wailuku to the north and  Kihei, and  Wailea-Makena traveling south.  And any area in the interior surrounding Makawao.


    Wherever you live or run your businesses, we promise to provide you direction and service that can be found nowhere else. If you came across our site but live on a different island or elsewhere in the United States, still contact us and we will make sure we get you to somebody that can help you where you live. You can also visit our primary website to look for another location nearer to you.


    A vacation home or second home need mold remediation in Florida?  Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation in Florida offers our same dry fog to kill mold.


    Mold Removal Testimonials

    I was so surprised at how fast they were able to take care of my mold problem. Was such a great choice going with this company.

    Devon J.

    Pure maintenance was so professional and accommodating! They did an amazing job and I highly recommend them.

    Madison D.

    This is an effective way to get rid of mold and the price was a lot cheaper than all the other places I called! It was both fast and effective!

    Madison B.


    Homes in Hawaii with Mold

    Every home in Maui has mold, and will one day have mold growth.  At any given time at least 27% of homes throughout Maui will have mold growth that has reached a level that needs to be treated. There is so much moisture and humidity in Hawaii, that a crawl space in Lahaina or a dark attic in Wailuku could very well have mold growth.  Your shower, your kitchen, a roof leak or pipe leak are all places where mold could have begun to take hold.


    Do you live in Haiku, Kehalani, or Wailuku Heights and are constantly battling mold and mildew?  With our maintenance program you will never have to worry about mold again!"

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