Our Customers

We cleanse all soft and hard surfaces of mold, bacteria and viruses. Then coat all these same surfaces with an antimicrobial providing long-lasting protection, with no visible, wet or sticky residue

Property Managers

Are tenants in the building you manage complaining about mold but are worried about the costly and time consuming demolition remediation process? We can treat an entire building in as little as 8 hours with minimal inconvenience to tenants

Home Owners

We can dry fog any size home.  Only with our Dry Fog can you achieve a "total home cleanse," removing all types of mold, bacteria and viruses in fewer than 8 hours. Call us with your square footage and we'll give you an estimate.

Restaurants & Eateries

FDA approved for food prep surfaces, Pacific Pure Maintenance can cleanse an entire kitchen in hours.  Our dry fog is the equivalent of putting your entire restaurant in a high steam dish cycle. But with the added bonus of ongoing protection of low use surfaces for up to a year.

Real Estate Agents

Agents looking to increase the value of a home and the speed of a sale will find no better solution than our "total building cleanse." Eliminates all molds, bacteria, viruses and odors caused by mildew nicotine, wood-burning fireplaces and more. Done economically and fast.

Medical & Health Clinics

Sinus infections and worsening asthma have been linked to mold growth. Mold has also been linked to conditions as serious as fibromyalgia and MS. We can dry fog your Health Clinic.  And for your patients with stubborn chronic symptoms Our"Total Home Cleanse" is an effective prescription.

Schools & Day Cares

Our Dry Fog will treat 100% of all surfaces guaranteed. With our anti-microbial coating, desks, chairs, and toys will repel fungus, bacteria and other positive charge micro-organisms for weeks to years. Your students and toddlers can start fresh each year with a "total cleanse."


General Contractors

Often when remodeling old homes and buildings General Contractors will find mold growth.  Mold can impact both the health and structural integrity of a building. Need to stay on schedule?  There is no better choice than Pure Maintenance.

Pacific Pure Maintenance and Restoration

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