Mold Growth in Maui and U.S. News

Mold Growth Is A Fact of Life on Maui Island. Humidity and Moisture and Everything Black Mold and Other Molds Need to Thrive Exists Just About Everywhere. Becoming informed for Your Family, Schools, Businesses and Community Will Help Improve their Health.

Throughout the Island, whether you live in Kahului, Wailuku or Paia on the north shore, or Kihei or Wailea-Makena on the south shore. Whether you are all the way to the east coast in Hana, All the way to the west coast in Lahaina, or central island in Makawao. Chances are your home or your business will experience mold issues.

There are molds and fungus that are dangerous, and then there are mildews and other benign molds that haven't been classified as dangerous.  Perhaps the most problematic type is black mold.  Its effects on you and loved ones can range from eye-itching to even death for those who immune systems are already fragile.  While the news will only cover a fraction of a percent of mold-related health issues, being informed through the news may be of benefit.

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By contacting a Mold Remediation Expert for your free assessment and quote, you will be on your way to greater peace of mind and air quality that we guarantee will improve, and thereby improve your health. Contact a mold expert today. 

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